A family chronicle of the year we uprooted ourselves from everything we knew (and really loved) to move to rural Costa Rica in order to just try something different.


HI, I'M SARA....

...and this is Johel, Ollie, Leo (getting his head nibbled on by me...) and Yori in one of our typical, goofy-faced family photos.  We are (currently) residents of Madison, Wisconsin, but come the end of August, we are packing up and heading south to rural Costa Rica. As in 300-person-town, dirt-roads-and-3-room, 3-hour-per-day-school-rural:  Johel's hometown that he left 20 years ago.

This is going to be our journal into this coming year (that's what Johel and I promised we'd do at minimum...none of this turning the kids' lives upside down to decide we don't like it two months in....).  As a reader, I'm hopeful this blog excites and empowers any average family (like us! like you?) who dreams of something different to take that first step into that unknown place or adventure.  I'm hopeful this gets you...maybe...thinking that that adventure might be within reach, that it gives you some baby steps to follow, pitfalls to avoid (or at least prepare for), and many reassurances that it can be done if you want it badly enough.  And if you don't have grandiose ideas to abandon your friends, family, current lifestyle, jobs, home, and wonderful community (like we are doing....yikes!), may this blog, at the very least, provide you some entertainment at our expense.

Take some time to explore and find something interesting; feel free to reach out if you feel inspired.

¡Hasta la próxima!